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Combination of Yooky Best Sellers

Bundle Combo, Big Saver

Cheesy Bundle (5 in 1)

RM 36.00RM 63.50

Mix & Match Cake Bundle (3 Slices)

RM 29.90RM 54.00

Lava Snowy Mooncake Set (4 Flavour/Set) - FREE 2 Slices of cake

RM 94.40RM 118.00

Coco Bundle (6 in 1)

RM 38.00RM 64.40


Top Bites Of This Week

Signature Nut With Cheese Bread

RM 9.00RM 33.80

Belgium Dark Chocolate Bun

RM 8.90RM 15.90

Belgium Dark Chocolate Brownie (2 Pcs/Pack)

RM 16.90RM 19.90

Black Forest Swiss Roll

RM 15.90RM 19.90

Tom Yam Granola Bites (200g/pk)

RM 17.90RM 22.90

Salted Dark Chocolate Granola Bites (200g/pk)

RM 17.90RM 22.90

Frozen Red Rose Steam Bun

RM 9.90RM 17.90

Frozen Black Rose Steam Bun

RM 9.90RM 17.90

Add only RM9.90

For 2nd Set Of Bread

Fresh Bread

Happiness Is The Smell Of Fresh Baked Bread


Cake Is Always A Good Idea

Frozen Bites

Just Heat It Up, It Will Be As Fresh As Out Of Oven

Granola Bites

Grab N Go, No Milk No Fuss

Premix Flour

DIY Homebaked Goodness

Nutritious Drinks

Instant Drink For The Busy You

Nuts & Seeds

High Protein, High Fats, High Fibers Selection

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