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Yookybites | Malaysia No.1 Unicorn Series Sourdough

by YookyBites Admin on June 15, 2020

Malaysia No.1 Unicorn Series Sourdough

You might be wondering how unicorn and sourdough can end up together? Isn't sourdough, always look bulky on the outside and plain white in the inside?


Yooky Purple Sweet Potato Sourdough Bread

In Yooky, we make our sourdough differently, we added in natural ingredients to make our sourdough appears dreamy with different shade. Take our purple sweet potato sourdough as an example. It's having a faintly purple shade by its look and have a hint of sweet potato sweetness when you chew on it. 


If Agnes from Despicable Me is here, she surely will be shouting, "It's so "pretty", I'm gonna die!" 😆😆😆 Well, despite the fact of our sourdough looks a little dreamy compared to those selling elsewhere. What we really want to achieve is to introduce this fragrant, nutritious & chewy sourdough bread to more Malaysian and especially our Yooky's fans. 

Yooky Unicorn Series Sourdoiugh Launch

On the Look & Taste aspects:

Sourdough appears to be bigger than the usual bread. It looks really gigantic compared to the other regular breads. Apart from it's size, their distinguish hard crusty outlook are what draw people's attention next. Don't be fool by its outlook and thought they might be hard inside! On the contrary, they are crusty on the outside and moist & airy with a rich flavor.

They hold a sweet tangy flavor when you first bite on it. At first you might find it sourish but when you chew further together with it's crust, you will find it's special aroma that make you unstoppable. They are best eat it as its own or together with cheese & butter.

Get one today and discover it's part yourself. :D

Shop now at https://yookybites.com/ 

 Valid from 3/6 - 7/6.Yooky Unicorn Sourdough Buy 1 Free 1


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