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Yookybites | Why pick other snacks?

by YookyBites Admin on July 20, 2020

 Pick Yooky Granola Bites

As soon as we step foot into a supermarket we are bombarded with labels and slogans that boast extravagant health benefits. So why is it that half of the Malaysian population suffers from high cholesterol?  A healthy lifestyle begins by shopping authentically! 

Yooky Healthy Snack Option

It is commonly known that non refined sugars a pose a great danger to ones’ health. But no need to fret, because we have got you covered. Yooky granola bites contain none of that nasty stuff! Instead, you will be devouring a product that contains zero refined sugar, is abundant in plant- based proteins, fibre rich, 100% vegan and made with Organic rolled oats and seeds. Did you know that Oats have been proven to be one of the top foods to lower cholesterol! If you did not think it could get any better than this, you are in for a treat! Yooky granola bars are proudly Malaysian made and not afraid to show it! They come in four very unique flavours: Salted dark chocolate, Coconut, Tom Yam and Nasi Lemak.

Yooky Granola Bites 4 Flavours

Strict diets, BE GONE! Who says one has to miss out on indulging in our local favourites. Now you can do it guilt free! We are passionate about being inclusive, so we decided to put a twist on the look of the traditional granola bar. Our product is specially manufactured to be bite sized, allowing for easier consumption anywhere and anytime! Thus, making it the perfect go to for any occasion. Eat it with a dash of milk, yoghurt or simply on its own.

So what are you waiting for! Feeling peckish? Pick up a packet of Yooky Granola Bites today! I dare you!

CTA Granola Bites


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