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Yooky's Story

What makes a young badminton coach switched his career path to venture into a healthy and organic bakery industry ?

Jacky Cheng was a badminton coach who loves food and cooking.  In 2018, he visited a bakery recommended by his friend.

He witnessed that this bakery only uses organic and healthy ingredients, without adding any preservatives or softener in the products allows consumers can enjoy healthy yet delicious bread and cakes. He was impressed by the bakery that withholds such healthy concern in producing the products.


Later on, he realized that his mum always buys ordinary bread for breakfast, and the bread does not get molded after one week and texture was super soft. He was concerned that if his parents continue eating this kind of bread containing preservatives and chemical ingredients, they may harm their health.


A few months later, he heard that the bakery that he visited with his friend is letting go because the Taiwanese owner planned to go back to Taiwan.  Jacky approached the owner and revealed his intention to take over the bakery.  With the passion that he showed, Jacky managed to use all his saving and partnership with friends to take over the bakery and starts with a new happy healthy bakery journey.

- END -




Jacky 本身是一位热爱美食及烹饪的人,2018年农历新年前,经过朋友的介绍,到访了一间有机健康面包厂,看到他们如何采用健康原料,不添加化学防腐剂及柔软剂,做出让消费者吃到健康又美味的面包和蛋糕。影响深刻,之后当他回到家,发现自己的父母经常买一般的面包当早餐,也注意到面包放在桌上一周都不会发霉,也出奇的柔暖,心里有一点担心,毕竟早餐很重要,如果吃太多化学品,会影响健康,之后得知之前去访问的有机健康面包厂因为台湾的老板要回去台湾了,就去询问,最后凭着热忱,打动了台湾老板愿意让给他,Jacky 就用了自己历年来储蓄下来的钱和朋友投资把它拿了下来,开启健康烘培的快乐事业。