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Yookybites | Grab N Go Granola Bites

by YookyBites Admin on June 18, 2020

Yookybites Granola Bites Promotion

Have you ever came across time where you are so hungry in the morning. You quickly grab the cereal or granola from cabinet, go to the fridge and then only find out you have run out of milk? Arghhhh. That's real frustration when you are really really hungry.

Yookybites No Milk, No Fuss

We encountered this scenario numerous times over the years and we are dedicated to remove this frustration out of yours & our life. So, we bring you our newest Granola Bites, Grab N Go series. No milk no fuss. You can have it anytime anywhere you like!

Now that you can have granola bites everywhere you want! Pump up your day with energy and get loaded with fiber and iron. On top of that, those nuts and seeds in granola also aid in providing healthy unsaturated fats and some protein to your body & heart. What ever better to consume granola? It has zero cholesterol. Woohoo!

Yookybites Tom Yam Granola Bites

Unlikely traditional granola which comes in loose pack, those are hard to have them without proper utensil & container. With Yooky Granola Bites, you can slip it in your bag and have it as snack, share with friends or have it over tea time with some yogurt. What a hearty snack option compared to deep fried delicacies, right? At least you can have something not so guilty now!

Yookybites Snacking Time

Yooky Granola Bites come with total four flavors: Nasi Lemak, Salted Chocolate, Tom Yam & Coconut. Yup, you got it right. What a rare flavor? Nasi Lemak & Tom Yam. Perfect choice for those who are looking for something tangy, sour & little spicy. 

Pardon me. I'm gonna grab myself a small snack pack now. Brb. 

*Promotion running from 17/6/20 - 21/6/20. Grab it while you can. 

Do your shopping at https://yookybites.com/

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